Fixed Private IP M2M SIMs


M2M Global SIMs with Fixed Private IP Address with real-time monitoring

JT M2M SIMs enables a fixed private IP address to be assigned to M2M Multi Network Roaming Data SIMs designed for applications that require a few MB data per month.

Mobile Data has become the preferred method of connectivity due to fast deployment and resilient data connections with M2M Multi Network Roaming Data SIMs. 

With JT M2M Fixed Private IP SIMs you can now have 2-way data connectivity between devices and real-time monitoring and management.

What Is a Private IP Address?

A private IP address falls within three IP address ranges reserved for private network use: to to to

Devices with private IP addresses can communicate with other hardware within the same network (2-way) that also have Private IP addresses but not directly with devices with public IP addresses.  A router is required for private and public networks to exchange information.

The IP address that your business router receives from your ISP is a public IP address, as are the IP addresses of other devices on the Internet like the servers that host websites.  The IP address inside of a business network is a private IP address, not a public IP address.

Using a private IP address can improve network security.

How does Fixed Private IP M2M Multi Network Roaming Data SIMs it work?

JT M2M provide real-time monitoring and management though Nomad, this gives you access to review and monitor all sites whether on GPRS/2G/3G/4G all within the same VPN.    All SIMs have a fixed  IP address with strongest signal multi network roaming to ensure resilient mobile data connections. 

Fixed Private IP Data SIM Applications

Secure remote management, monitoring, diagnostics, control of remote systems, 3G Failover Internet connections, SMTP mail server, Site-to-site 3G connections, Access to IP CCTV cameras, Retail POS systems and machine to machine (M2M) applications.

Global Single Configuration

Having a JT M2M Custom Private APN means devices require a single configuration for use around the world. This removes the need for local contracts and the challenge of maintaining devices on multiple networks.

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