Rwanda IoT Solutions in Smart Healthcare


IoT Solutions in Smart Healthcare are set to revolutionize healthcare in Rwanda.

At this year’s Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda on 10th – 12th May 2017, discussions on how Internet of Things in healthcare can benefit the lives of Kigali residents and the rest of South Africa will take place.

Smart healthcare products can help people get healthy, stay healthy and prevent illness in dynamic new ways.

Connected Smart IoT devices are being introduced to patients in various forms that offer tremendous benefits at all levels, from inpatient treatment and community-based healthcare to social services and self-care, providing new opportunities for disease prevention via screening and early detection.

Healthcare practitioners can now use IoT technologies capable of automatically collecting and processing patient data that enable early predictors of diseases, to help avert progression and prevent death.

Internet of Things in healthcare is set to dramatically transform healthcare in Rwanda, with exciting new applications be developed to address the need for care that is affordable, accessible, preventive, and convenient for patients.


Rwanda Smart Healthcare Applications

Connected Smart Healthcare IoT solutions in Rwanda include;

• Remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics
• Remote device configuration and fine tuning
• Hospital asset management
• Predictive device maintenance
• Automated device-to-analytics data flow
• Data analytics applications for clinicians and patients


JT M2M Healthcare Connectivity Solutions

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