Smart Metering Solution


JT M2M the Network Operator with the flexibility and networking expertise of a solution provider

The JT M2M provides a state-of-the-art Smart Metering Solution with deep mobile network control and visibility. It has been specifically designed around the CSD, SMS and GSM/GPRS managed communication needs of smart metering. This reliable, supportive and flexible solution has proven success cross the UK and many other countries. 

Open Roaming Connectivity

Every network is available with no network preference or steering ― this reduces the number of single points of failure in the metering network

The JT M2M roaming data SIM is designed specifically for your IoT needs, allowing devices to roam freely across multiple mobile networks globally.

• Roaming data SIM with multi-network Roaming full-non-steering

• Best network handover with 1 second cutover

• 2G, 3G & 4G LTE data plans and SMS

• Pooled data plans available to help control costs

• Secure private APN and custom private APN

JT IoT Connectivity services are designed specifically for your IoT needs, keeping you connected and in control with our Nomad IoT Platform.


Managed Connectivity

Gain real-time visibility and connectivity status through complete API from JT’s well developed management platform for deep network control.


Multi-Network CSD Functionality

JT M2M SIMs have proven multi-network Circus Switched Data (CSD) functionality to increase flexibility and reliability, which is often required in the smart metering industry.


Fixed Private IP SIMs

Quick and easy setup of a VPN assigns fixed private IP addresses to each of the SIM cards in the field ― ensure fast interactions between customer and the devices


How JT M2M can help your IoT application stay connected?

JT are a world class, Tier 1, global communications provider of a full suite of managed products and services. With over 120 years’ experience in telecommunications we are dedicated to delivering world-class services. JT delivers managed network solutions to some of the world's biggest banks and consumer goods firms. 

IoT applications can now be supported by secure, fast and reliable mobile data connectivity using our IoT SIMs that have been designed with a unique managed IoT platform from the SIM up. Our solution provides true global open roaming, eliminating every possible point of failure for your IoT devices. 

JT M2M SIMs are designed with no additional software to get in the way and delay connection. No PLMN lists, no JAVA code, no Multi-IMSI code to confuse devices. Plus, we allow free hopping between all the networks available in a particular country, with dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN.  JT's network core is geo-redundant and connects to the world through France and the UK.

With 600 Direct Roaming Partners, only JT can deliver global 2G, 3G and 4G LTE multi-network M2M SIM solution competitively priced with great service.

Whatever your applications may be, our IoT solutions will transform your security, surveillance, billing and servicing requirements.  

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